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Once in service, Access Northeast is projected to save customers an average of $1 billion annually.

Energy is all around us. It can be found in everything from powering our everyday electronics, assembling the clothes we wear, heating and cooling our homes, to fueling the vehicles we drive. The energy we use can be found in many forms—oil, coal, natural gas, wind and solar, just to name a few.

Natural gas, specifically, is an abundant and efficient, clean burning conventional fuel that powers industries, heats homes, makes electricity and fuels transportation.

Quick Facts about Natural Gas

  • It is the cleanest burning conventional fuel, producing 45 percent less carbon dioxide than coal and 30 percent less than fuel oil burned.
  • In North America, natural gas currently meets about one-fourth of the continent’s energy needs.
  • Throughout the continent, this reliable energy source heats more than 76 million homes and businesses and provides for approximately 30 percent of its electricity.
  • It even provides fuel for more than 100,000 vehicles across the nation.

Community Benefits

Some people may be thinking, I’m not a natural gas residential customer, so I do not reap the benefits of having natural gas in my community. Well… that’s not exactly true. Over the past 15 years, natural gas-fired electric generation has grown from serving 15 percent of New England’s annual electric requirements to serving approximately half, and that is expected to continue increasing as power generators switch from more expensive fuels to lower-cost, clean-burning, domestically-available natural gas.

At the same time, tens of thousands of New England homes and businesses have converted to natural gas heating, while pipeline capacity into the region has not grown. Last winter, New England wholesale electricity costs were nearly double compared with the previous year, largely due to pipeline constraints. Access Northeast is designed to keep those costs down. Once in service, Access Northeast is projected to save customers an average of $1 billion annually.

Natural gas is used in many other places outside of residential homes and communities. As a matter of fact, many commercial buildings use natural gas because it is safe and efficient. This clean burning conventional fuel provides energy for manufacturing, and raw materials for products, such as plastics, computers, pharmaceuticals and clothes. So, just because you may not use natural gas in your home, the benefits of natural gas are still felt all around you within your community.


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