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Approximately 95 percent of the Access Northeast solution will utilize existing pipeline and utility corridors and natural gas infrastructure - including the existing Algonquin Gas Transmission pipeline system - thus minimizing environmental and community effects.

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Key: Compressor Station LNG Facility Access Northeast RouteExisting Algonquin System
The information provided is accurate as of December 2015. This interactive map is designed as a general informational tool. The route is subject to change.
Access Northeast will increase guaranteed natural gas to consumers as well as enhance fuel availability for power plants on peak days. It will serve over 60% of New England’s gas-fired electric generation needs, providing 5,000 MW of fuel for electric generation. Once Access Northeast is operational, it could save electric customers an average of $1 billion a year during normal weather conditions and even more during severe cold weather, according to a study by ICF International. To learn more about Access Northeast please click here.

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