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Chesto Means Business: Power Struggle
It’s a recurring theme for the man in charge of making sure the lights stay on in New England: The electricity grid faces reliability risks on frigid days when natural gas gets diverted from power plants to heating customers.

Power sector carbon dioxide emissions fall below transportation sector emissions
Emissions from the electric power sector are primarily from coal-fired and natural gas-fired electric generators. On average, emissions associated with combusting coal are higher than those associated with combusting natural gas. The average rate of CO2 emitted from combusting coal ranges from 206 to 229 pounds per million British thermal units (lbs CO2/MMBtu), depending on the type of coal consumed. The combustion of natural gas emits on average 117 lbs CO2/MMBtu. Natural gas electric generators also tend to be more efficient than coal generators, because they require less fuel to generate electricity.

Spectra Energy insists natural gas pipeline is needed
"We along with our partners remain committed to serving New England consumers, achieving regional consensus on how to pay for this critically needed project, and being part of the solution," he said. "We are committed to working with local communities impacted by the proposed project and will provide a more comprehensive update regarding the path forward for the Access Northeast project after we have completed our comprehensive analysis of the project."

New England electricity prices 47% higher last month than national average
Households in New England paid electricity prices last month that were 47 percent higher than the national average, according to federal data released Wednesday.

As I See It: Making a case for natural gas
Even as the region continues to embrace greater quantities of renewable energy, Massachusetts' dependence on natural gas isn't going away. That's because gas-fired generation is required as a safe, reliable, dependable backstop for a future electricity grid powered by wind, solar and hydro. Gas is the sole lower-carbon source of power that can cycle up as quickly as the wind dies down or the sun goes behind a cloud.

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